Regarding Ezri

Many people, including myself for a time, were wondering how I was going to incorporate Ezri Dax onto the page. My response is this: Ezri Dax, is my opinion is a completely different person that Jadzia Dax. This is the JADZIA and Worf Site! Ezri will get her own single page within the seventh season guide and I will have coverage of how Worf deals with her and also with Jadzia demise. However, both of these pages will come seperatly within the seventh season page. You may notice that on the main page how the seveth season guide sticks out like a sore thumb -it is meant to. I am going to have anything having to do with Ezri/Season 7 in blue, instead of burgandy. This is meant to keep them seperate and show how I intend to keep everything that happens in season seven completely seperate from seasons 4-6/Jadzia. I will continue to follow Ezri a in the above mentioned manner because she is Dax, but please try and remember- she is not Jadzia!!!


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