JAWS' Convention Reports

JAWS' Convention Reports

Welcome to the newest section of JAWS. This page will contain convention reports from cons with Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn. So far there is only one up but a few others are going ot be posted soon. If you have a convention report that you would like to submit to this page please email me here. Anyway, you can take a look at the great report we have so far, and enjoy.
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July 2, 1998

Pasadena Convention Report
Curtisy of Eren Reynaga

Terry Farrell came on as the last guest speaker. She and Michael Dorn were supposed to be together, but Michael never showed up and the people running the convention couldn't explaine why since Michael had confirmed he was going to be there.

Anyway Terry did show up, there were about 500 to 600 people in the auditorium and she got what was the best reception from the audience that afternoon. The applause went on for a couple of minutes and this really touched her.

Terry started by thanking us for the warm reception .... then she went right in to confirming that she was leaving Michael and the show. By the reaction from the majority of the audience this took a lot of people by surprised.

One thing I want to tell you is that she never said anything bad about the cast, the writers, producers or Paramount. She was very professional about the whole thing. What I did noticed was that she never explained exactly why she was leaving, but it could have been that she was literally bombarded with questions. I wanted to tell you this because I've seen a lot of sites were they claimed she was mad about the money offer with Paramount and that she decided she was worth more ... this doesn't sound like Terry at all.

As soon as she had a chance to put in more than a couple of "yes's" and "no's" she went on to thank the fans for all the warm support she was given during her six years as Jadzia Dax .... as she was talking you could tell that she was getting choked up. I'd say she started to cry, but the applause from the audience gave her a chance to pull herself together and continue on.

Terry said that the show had changed her and her life ... for this she was grateful. She called it the best thing that had happened to her. The one thing she did clarify was that she didn't wanted her character to be killed off ... she wanted Jadzia to be sent off on some scientific mission or something like that .... but she also went to make very clear that it was up to the producers and writers, since they were going to decide what was best for the show.

She went to answer questions for about 45 minutes ... answering everything from her favorite episode to what she thought of "You Are Cordially Invited". Terry looked so self assure on the stage, she has a very good presence on it. She explained that she was working on a pilot and that she was hoping that it was going to be picked up by a major network ... (this turned out to be Becker which CBS picked up as a mid season comedy replacement).

One of the last things she took time to let us know was that she had left on good terms and that she was willing to return for the DS9 movie whether for the TV or big screen by saying "no one else can play my character. I created and developed her for six seasons ... I am Jadzia Dax". This statement brought a huge applause once again.

Terry finished by assuring us that she was going to continue doing conventions .... and once more thanked us. As she was still thanking us we all started a standing ovation .... for which she had to take a couple of very deserved bows. This once again seemed to overwhelm her, but she gave us a great big smile as she waved good-bye.

One last thing I want to mention is that right after "Tears of the Prophets" aired in L.A. she was interviewed on the local nightly news .... she stated that she left the show because she wanted to hopefully start a career ... and that her heart told her it was the best thing for her. Terry felt happy about moving on, but she was grateful for everything the show brought her. Especially the overwhelming support and response the fans had given her over the years .... especially after she announced she was leaving.

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